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portraits & group photos (30+ people)

Hello  beauties!!

I am so so honored and excited to be discussing photos with you and planning for this MAGICAL photo day.

(quick side note: my website is under a remodel, but feel free to look around! there are many photos on here, but it hasn't been updated in some time.)

What we have discussed so far is that we want plenty of group shots as well as portraits of everyone. We mentioned doing both outdoor and indoor while appealing to a soft glam approach, which I am just so excited about. It gives us lots of room to capture each individual personality while giving the entire look a sort of 'dress code' which I know will work in favor with your look/ brand!


So, with that in mind, below you will see some details that I have put together. Don't hesitate to reach out with any further questions or changes that you see to be made!


Keep in mind that I am all for some sort of credited trade! Super excited to get to meet you all!





  • each person will get to choose 3 photos from their short shoot with my on-hand assistant on the day of. I want to ensure each person is happy with their photos, while understanding that with so many individuals, we wanna be able to maximize our time together!


  • choose any two color(s) from the list below


  • option to choose any color from

    for a fee of $60 for rushed shipping


group shots

Group Shots

  • choose any location in the greater Tulare- County area


ie: Mooney's Grove, Yokohl Valley, any other place you can think of!

  • you will receive 15 group shots edited

  • you will also get 40 more photos returned of smaller groups/ individuals, or whatever you have in mind!

Total photos returned: 55

oopsies! these features are only available to view on a computer </3


Total Cost:

Amount available to trade:


total cost up-front:


So, now that you have looked around a bit, let me know if there are any changes you can foresee you would like to make, it should just be small adjustments! open to any and all ideas! <3

my contact info:         559.901.3514   |

can't wait to get this on the calendar!!